Monday, 21 May 2018

Fairport Convention - The Manor Album (1972)

By early 1972 Fairport Convention were in a state of flux, with Simon Nicol and Dave Mattacks both leaving, to be replaced by Roger Hill and Tom Farnell. Hill didn't last long, with American guitarist David Rae taking his place, and the band now felt ready to record. Things didn't go smoothly, though, and most songs were canned almost as soon as they were recorded. Eventually they had enough good songs for an album and 'Rosie' was released in 1973, including just four tracks from the aborted sessions, but in different versions, and some with a different vocalist as well. The unused songs were not completely scrapped, and eventually turned up on the 'Come All Ye' box set, so now we can hear what the album might have sounded like if the band had been happy enough with the results to release it in 1972.   

Track listing

01 Maverick Child
02 Sad Song (As Long As It Is Mine)
03 Matthew, Mark, Luke And John
04 Rattle Trap
05 Sheep In The Meadow
06 Rosie
07 Country Judy Jane
08 Me With You
09 My Girl
10 To Althea From Prison



  1. But are the songs good, or did they deserve to stay unreleased?

  2. Apart from the four that made it onto 'Rosie', 'To Althea From Prison' and a reworked' Sheep In The Meadow' (as 'Big William') appeared on 'Nine', and 'Rattle Trap' is an OK instrumental, but it's really the vocals that let the songs down, as a lot of them were sung by American David Rea, and they just don't sound like Fairport.

  3. I think they should have revisited Maverick Child. The 1975 lineup with Sandy could have made a good fist of it.