Friday, 27 July 2018

Stevie Wonder - What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eyes (1996)

Having seen a rumour online that Stevie Wonder had planned a follow-up to 'Fullfillingness First Finale', to be called 'Fullfillingness Second Finale', I set about trying to locate the songs mentioned in the proposed track listing. The first thing I found is that there is very little unreleased Stevie Wonder out there - I've only ever come across two or three live bootlegs from the classic 70's period, and unreleased studio recordings are almost non-existent. Having abandoned my quest and pretty much given up on the idea, I stumbled across an album which had apparently been put together by R&UT and posted on Youtube here, and found that it actually contained one of the songs that I was after, as well as a number of live and demo recordings which are definitely worth hearing. 'Livin' Off The Love Of The Land' and 'Reflections Of You' (renamed as 'Sky Blue Afternoon') might have appeared on 'Fullfillingness Second Finale', but the rest are mostly live renditions of songs that were never recorded in a studio, with just Stevie and his piano. There are also a couple of his contributions to film soundtracks and a rare single from 1990, so obviously the sound quality will vary considerably between the live and studio recordings. I've left off a few of the less successful recordings, cleaned up the rest to make for a more evenly flowing album, and added in a rare cut from 1964 to close the album. 

Track listing

01 Can't Imagine Love Without You (Piano Version)
02 Livin' Off The Love Of The Land (Unreleased)
03 My Mother's Eyes (Live)
04 Overjoyed (Live on 'Saturday Night Live')
05 Kiss Lonely Goodbye (Orchestral Version)
06 Breeze Whispering (excerpt)
07 I Can Only Be Me (Live)
08 Deep Inside Your Heart (excerpt)
09 Keep Our Love Alive (1990 single)
10 Ms. And Mr. Little Ones (Live)
11 Stay Gold (Alternate recording)
12 Why (Live)
13 Reflections Of You (a.k.a. 'Blue Sky Afternoon') (Live)
14 Just Enough To Ease The Pain (1964 Recording)



  1. Sadly, you're right that there's very few unreleased studio songs from Wonder. But there are a ton of unreleased songs that he's only played live. I'm planning on posting a lot of the best of that on my blog, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

    1. Look forward to hearing them. I was quite disappointed not to be able to find 'Fulfillingness Second Finale', but stumbling upon this cheered me up a bit.


  3. Stay Gold - The Outsiders

  4. I'm listening to the record right now...Beautiful!! Muchas gracias desde Colombia

  5. You could have thanked R&UT who created this compilation that you used without authorization !!!. I'm happy to see that my work of digitizing and remastering my rare vinyls pleases my fans and you should be more honest. R&UT

    1. As I mentioned in my notes, I thought that this album had been pressed up on vinyl and someone had posted it to youtube. I'm happy to credit anyone who spend times to make rare music available to the fans, which is just what I am doing. I've updated the notes to give you the credit you deserve.