Friday, 25 January 2019

XTC - Us Being Us (1992)

For the fourth and final part of my trilogy of XTC posts we mop up all the tracks that didn't fit on the other three albums. The first three tracks are out-takes from 'The White Album', with 'Fireball XL5' being so tinny that I had to seriously boost the bass to make it listenable. The dub version was not as bad but also needed some editing, and I hope they now sound better than the other versions out there. 'Traffic Light Rock' from the 'Guillotine' sampler fitted better on here than on the 'Are You Receiving Us?' post, and slots in nicely before the two 'Go2' out-takes. The 'Drums And Wires' leftover 'Sleepyheads' is actually an early take of 'Looking For Footprints', but much longer than the flexi-disc version. In 1979 Colin Moulding wanted to release a solo single, and so with Andy Partridge's help he recorded 'Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen'/'I Need Protection', and released it the following year under the pseudonym of The Colonel. On the subject of pseudonyms, the band themselves released a Christmas single in 1983 under the name of The Three Wise Men, and both sides of that are here as well. In 1987 a Canadian cassette emerged featuring some of Partridge's demos, most of which later turned up on his 'Fuzzy Warbles' album, with just 'Glow' and 'Dripping Basin' not making the cut. 'Dripping Basin' was a not-that-great instrumental, but 'Glow' was much better so that is included here. We close with a few late period b-sides, a demo that was only released on a rare Japanese EP in 1992, and a classy out-take from the 'Nonsuch' album.     

Track listing

01 Let's Have Fun ('White Album' out-take 1977)
02 Fireball XL5 ('White Album' out-take 1977)
03 Fireball Dub ('White Album' out-take 1977)
04 Traffic Light Rock (from the 'Guillotine' 10" sampler album 1978)
05 Things Fall To Bits ('Go2' out-take 1978)
06 Us Being Us ('Go2' out-take 1978)
07 Sleepyheads ('Drums And Wires' out-take 1979) 
08 Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen (single by The Colonel (Colin Moulding) 1980)
09 I Need Protection (b-side of 'Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen')
10 Thanks For Christmas (single as The Three Wise Men 1983)
11 Countdown To Christmas Party Time (b-side of 'Thanks For Christmas')
12 Troubles (b-side of 'The Meeting Place' 12" 1986)
13 Glow (from the Canadian 'Jules Verne's Sketchbook' cassette 1987)
14 The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men (b-side of 'The Loving' 12" 1989)
15 Always Winter Never Christmas (b-side of 'The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead' 1992)
16 Rip Van Ruben (b-side of 'Wrapped In Grey' 1992)
17 Down A Peg (from the Japanese 'Demo Tracks' EP 1992)
18 Didn't Hurt A Bit ('Nonsuch' out-take 1992) 



  1. Final album? But XTC released two albums after 1992, in 1999 and 2000. And a lot of the Fuzzy Warbles songs are from that time period, or earlier. For instance, the great song "My Land Is Burning" is from 1995.

  2. I normally only manage to find one album of b-sides and offcuts, so it was great to fill four for this great band, but there weren't any exclusive b-sides on the singles from their last two albums, and 'Fuzzy Warbles' was an official release so I'm going to call a halt here.

  3. What about Spiral and Say It, their last recordings?

    1. I could add those two on but it would make the album slightly longer than I wanted, as well as the fact that 'Spiral' is pretty much an Andy Partridge solo recording, and he doesn't even appear on Colin Moulding's 'Say It', so I wanted to keep these as actual band compilations.

    2. Well Colin doesn't appear on Spiral too, but both tracks were released as XTC and you can also say that Red Brick Dream is an solo track. Anyway, here are some more tracks for a possible fifth CD:
      -Blue Beret (from the Adventure Club Sessions CD)
      -Cherry In Your Tree (from the Carmen Sandiego CD)
      -The Good Things (from A Testimonial Dinner as Terry And The Love Men)
      -The 5 tracks from the GO+-12"
      -Life Begins At The Hop (rejected version from The History Of Punk Volume 1 CD)
      -Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down (never an album track)
      -Ten Feet Tall (new version)
      -Happy Families (XTC mix on King For A Day 7")
      -Ella Guru
      -Love At First Sight (canadian remix - I think it's only sped up)
      -Good Night Sucker (hidden track on 3D-EP)
      -King For A Day (12 inch mix, Czar mix, Versailles mix, the I Dub Thee Sir Mix was only released as a promo)
      -Open A Can (Of Human Beans) (The Dukes Of Stratosphear on The Wish List CD)
      -Strawberry Fields (Colin's Hermits alias Dave and Andy - The Johnny Japes And His Jesticals-7" is also without Colin)
      also there are more demo tracks included on XTC releases like Let's Make A Den, Find The Fox, Terrorism, Living In A Haunted Heart, My Paint heroes, Skeletons, Nicely Nicely Jane, Susan Revolving
      -Scissor Man (BBC version on Towers Of London Bonus-7")
      -Another Satellite (BBC version on Dear God-12")
      not to mention various live tracks
      and on Coat Of Many Cupboards there are some interesting tracks like the different versions of Ball And Chain and Punch And Judy
      ...just suggesting...

    3. Thanks for the info - it's worth thinking about and there's enough stuff there to add to the 'Spiral' 7" and make a reasonable album.

  4. Correction, all six XTC albums are AWOL. Could you please re-upload them?