Friday, 15 March 2019

The Cure - All Kinds Of Stuff (2008)

A very apt title for the final post in my Cure rarities series, as it includes a one-off single, some rare b-sides, a few album out-takes, a film soundtrack offering, and their contribution to a charity album. All kinds of stuff, in other words. 

Track listing

01 More Than This (from 'The X-Files: The Album' 1998)
02 Possession (previously unreleased song from the 'Bloodflowers' sessions 2000)
03 Coming Up (extra track on the Japanese/Australian versions of 'Bloodflowers' 2000)
04 Just Say Yes (single 2002)
05 Why Can't I Be Me (b-side of 'alt.end' and 'Taking Off' singles 2004)
06 Your God Is Fear (b-side of 'alt.end' and 'Taking Off' singles 2004)
07 Love (from the Amnesty International album 'Instant Karma' 2007)
08 Down Under (b-side of 'Sleep When I'm Dead' 2008)
09 All Kinds Of Stuff (b-side of 'Freakshow' 2008)
10 NY Trip (b-side of 'The Only One' 2008)
11 Without You (b-side of 'The Perfect Boy' 2008)

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  1. Thank you so much. I really love your site!

    I have been trying to pull together a Robert Smith "Solo Album" from all the songs he did as guest vocalist. Started with the Cold Cave song but there is actually quite a few once I started looking.

  2. You stole my artwork by the way.

  3. Sorry, didn't release as I thought that that it was a single sleeve that I'd found online. OK if I leave it up or do you want me to replace it?

  4. Thanks for all the Cure collections. Think I have them all but it's nice to have them sorted as you have. And a quick note to this Brian fellow who says you stole his artwork - You can't accuse someone of stealing your "artwork" when you've stolen artwork from Andy Vella and slapped some typography on it. Come on now...

  5. Thank you for this series. I have much of this but there are, as always, a few gaps and I think this plugs all of them up. Thank you.