Friday, 11 October 2019

Neil MacArthur - World Of Glass (1974)

Neil MacArthur released three singles on the Deram label in 1969, including a psychedelic cover of the Zombies classic 'She's Not There', before vanishing, never to be heard of again. His voice was very similar to the Zombies singer Colin Blunstone, leading some people to believe that Neil MacArthur and Colin Blunstone were one and the same person - and of course they were. After The Zombies split following the lack of success of their 'Odessey And Oracle' album (did people have cloth ears back in the 60's?!) Blunstone briefly worked as a clerk in the insurance business before resuming his musical career, signing a deal with Deram in 1969 and recording a cover of his former band's best known song. Two more singles followed, a mixture of covers and originals, and he also recorded songs by Buffalo Springfield and The Assocation which remained unissued for many years. He released an Italian version of 'She's Not There' for the European market, but even with that song added in, it would still make quite a short album, so I've added a couple of obscure b-sides from 1971 and 1974, as well as a track which was included on the US version of his 1974 album 'Journey', but which was omitted from the UK version. This is definitely a must hear for Zombies fans, as that voice is just as good on these songs as it was with his former band, and as well as the new tracks, it's great to hear songs we know and love given the Blunstone treatment.    

Track listing

01 She's Not There (single 1969)
02 World Of Glass (b-side of 'She's Not There')
03 Hung Upside Down (peviously unreleased)
04 Don't Try To Explain (single 1969)
05 Without Her (b-side of 'Don't Try To Explain')
06 Twelve Twenty Nine (b-side of 'It's Not Easy)
07 Never My Love (previously unreleased)
08 It's Not Easy (single 1969)
09 Ma Non E Giusto (She's Not There) (single 1969)
10 I Hope I Didn't Say Too Much Last Night (b-side of 'Mary, Won't You Warm My Bed' 1971)
11 It's Magical (single 1974)
12 You Who Are Lonely (from the US version of 'Journey' 1974)

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  1. Looking forward to this one. Blunstone's a great singer and still sounds marvelous today. I've got a lot of his stuff but this material is mostly new to me. Thanks.

  2. Never heard of this stuff. Thanks!