Friday, 6 December 2019

Boards Of Canada - A Few Old Tunes (1996)

This is a second collection of early tunes from Boards Of Canada, which they compiled onto cassette tapes in the mid 90's and passed around family and friends, and very few original copies of the tapes are known to exist. One dealer claims to be close friends with a family member and has posted photos of his copies, while another owner spectacularly increased the value of his tape by destroying one of them in a Vine clip. There are a few others around, with one online commenter telling all about a second generation 'A Few Old Tunes' / 'Boc Maxima' rip he managed to get his hands on via Uni connections. These tracks have leaked online more than once, with a poor quality copy being the most common for some time, while a second rip has the best sound quality, but annoyingly it is only partial, missing the final seven tracks. This rip have been lovingly pieced together by the site, and they've done a cracking job, with these tracks now sounding as good as the previous 'Boc Maixma' album, and it's a great way to hear the nascent band developing their talents prior to recording their early albums. A couple of tracks feature samples, so 'Trapped' uses quite a lot of the Colonel Abrams song of the same name, and 'The Way You Show' incorporates a loop from Kool And The Gang's 'Celebration'. I hardly need mention that 'Blockbusters' samples the TV quiz show.

Track listing

01 Spectrum
02 Light, Clear Hair
03 P:C:
04 Trapped
05 Rodox Video
06 Happy Cycling
07 House Of Abin'adab
08 Finity
09 Forest Moon
10 Skimming Stones
11 Carcan
12 Devil
13 Mansel
14 She Is P
15 Davie Addison
16 Sac
17 Blockbusters
18 I Will Get It Tattooed
19 The Way You Show
20 I Love U
21 King Of Carnival
22 M9
23 Original Nlogax
24 Sequoia
25 Boqurant
26 5.9.78
27 Wendy Miller
28 Paul Russell's Piece
29 Up The March Bank
30 Nova Scotia Robots

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