Friday, 15 June 2018

Meat Loaf with Bonnie Tyler - Midnight At The Lost And Found (1983)

Following a comment from WestVirginiaRebel on Paul's Albumsthatshouldexist site, I thought I'd give his suggestion a try, and attempt to construct a 1983 Meat Loaf album if he hadn't fallen out with Jim Steinman. Their acrimony was so bad that they ended up suing each other, and as they couldn't bear to work together then Meat Loaf had to find other writers for the 'Midnight At The Lost And Found' album that he owed to the record company. He was also involved in the writing of some of the songs himself. and possibly because of this change in style and material, it was generally received as one of his poorer releases. Some sources insist that Steinman had intended that the songs 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' and 'Making Love (Out Of Nothing at All)' were to be given to Meat Loaf for this album, but as his record company refused to pay Steinman for them, they were passed on to Bonnie Tyler instead, who then had a massive hit with the former. Other sources say that neither of these songs were actually offered to Meat Loaf, but whatever the truth, he never recorded either of them. Therefore, in order to put together a coherent album of the period, the answer is to make it a collaboration with Bonnie Tyler, and allow her to sing both of her songs. Even though Steinman was not involved in the writing of any of the songs from the released 'Midnight At The Lost And Found' album, I've used WestVirginiaRebel's suggested track listing anyway, as it includes most of the songs that Meat Loaf co-wrote, plus a couple of Steinman songs which he did later record. The only one I've omitted is 'All Of The Good Ones Are Taken', as this was only ever recorded by Ian Hunter, and I wanted to keep the collaboration just between Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler.

Track listing

01 Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Steinman)
02 Razor's Edge (Buslowe, Christie, Doyle, Mark Aday)
03 Midnight At The Lost And Found (Buslowe, Christie, Mark Aday, Peyronel)
04 Read 'Em And Weep (Steinman)
05 Wolf At Your Door (Buslowe, Leslie Aday)
06 Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) (Steinman)
07 Keep Driving (Christie, Jacobs, Mark Aday)
08 Left In The Dark (Steinman)
09 If You Really Want To (Meyer, Neeley)

I hope that this is something like WestVirginaRebel envisaged, and if so, then

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