Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The Eagles - Sunset Grill (1982)

Following the success of their last album, 'Dirty Laundry', and bouyed by the success of the title track as a single, the band would have been keen to consolidate that success. Don Henley and Glen Frey seemed to be on a roll with their writing, and contributed a couple of songs each which could easily be hit singles, and the rest of the band chipped in with some nice rockers and ballads, resulting in a 1982 follow-up album called 'Sunset Grill'. 
In reality, all the songs are taken from solo albums by the band members, and once again soundtracks come to the rescue, with Frey's 'You Belong To The City' appearing on the 'Miami Vice' TV Series soundtrack, and 'The Heat Is On' coming from 'Beverley Hills Cop'. Don Felder also released a solo album in 1983, including songs written in 1982, but there's nothing from it here as the general consensus of opinion is that it was a very poor effort, and Timothy B. Schmit's solo album didn't appear until two years later, so there's nothing from him here either. Even without contributions from Felder and Schmit, I think that this is a stronger album than 'Dirty Laundry', and a very enjoyable listen.

Track listing

01 Smuggler's Blues
02 The Boys Of Summer
03 You Belong To The City
04 I Can Play That Rock & Roll
05 All She Wants To Do Is Dance
06 The Heat Is On
07 Not Enough Love In The World
08 Rosewood Bitters
09 Sexy Girl
10 Sunset Grill

Once again, thanks to The Album Fixer for the concept and album cover.


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