Friday, 20 July 2018

The Clash - Kingston Calling (1980)

From the very start of their career, The Clash have never been shy about proclaiming their love of reggae, even including a lengthy cover of Junior Murvin's 'Police And Thieves' on their debut album. Over the next few years they covered a variety of classic and lesser known reggae songs, as well as incorporating the style into their own songwriting, and so I thought it would be interesting to collect together the best of their reggae songs onto one album. I've chosen my favourite songs from their first four albums, both covers and originals, as well as some stand-alone singles and the odd b-side to make a great 50 minute reggae album - slightly longer than I'd liked, but I just couldn't pick one song to leave off.

Track listing

01 Police & Thieves
02 Revolution Rock
03 Pressure Drop
04 Rudie Can't Fail
05 Armagideon Time
06 The Guns Of Brixton
07 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
08 Wrong 'Em Boyo
09 Junco Partner
10 Bankrobber
11 One More Time
12 The Magnificent Seven



  1. This looks very cool but the link is dead. This is the kind of construction I like most. A new way of looking at songs that sometimes get lost in the shuffle or are scattered among several albums.

  2. A nice idea...but Magnificent Seven is no way reggae! :-)

    1. Apparently Norman Watt-Roy of Ian Dury's Blockheads came up with the bass riff while filling in for Paul Simonon, who was off filming, and after Joe Strummer had come up with some lyrics that he wanted to rap rather than sing. So, strictly speaking, no it's not reggae, but I still feel that it sort of fits in there. And it's a great song.

  3. Terrific compilation, great fun. Well done!