Friday, 10 August 2018

Robin Gibb - Sing Slowly Sisters (1970)

Towards the end of the 60's, following the release of their three classic pop albums and the experimental 'Odessa', the Bee Gee broke up, after all three brothers decided that they wanted to release solo albums. Maurice recorded 'The Loner' album, Barry did the same with his 'The Kids No Good', while Robin's album was to be called 'Sing Slowly Sisters'. In the end none of the three albums were ever released, but songs from each proposed record have leaked onto the net, and so it's just possible to piece together what the albums might have sounded like. Robin seemed to progress faster than his brothers, and had an album pretty much ready to go in 1970, but then Barry and Maurice got back together as a duo for the 'Cucumber Castle' album and accompanying film - if you get a chance to watch this on Youtube then do spare the time as although it is very, very bad, the cast list is stellar, including Frankie Howard, Spike Milligan, Vincent Price, Lulu, and all of Blind Faith, as well as uncredited appearances from Mick Jagger, Donovan and Marianne Faithful. Although 'Cucumber Castle' wasn't one of their best albums, it did well enough to tempt Robin back into the fold for the follow-up '2 Years On', and once that happened then the solo albums were permanently put on the back-burner. Robin's album is fairly easy to piece together, and so here it is, as it would have sounded back in 1970.

Track listing

01 Life
02 I've Been Hurt
03 Irons On The Fire
04 Cold Be My Days
05 Avalanche
06 It's Only Make Believe
07 All's Well That Ends Well
08 A Very Special Day
09 Sky West And Crooked
10 Sing Slowly Sisters
11 C'est La Vie, Au Revoir



  1. I've always thought it strange that hardly any of the songs from their solo albums were released. I would have thought that most would be re-recorded for Bee Gees releases

  2. I think it could be that they were such prolific songwriters that they were constantly coming up with new songs and didn't feel the need to look back. Barry and Maurice's albums will follow, and there's some great stuff on all of them.

  3. All of these tracks were made available officially on the 2016 triple CD set "Saved By The Bell - The Collected Works Of Robin Gibb 1968-1970". Did you take these tracks from that magnificent set, or from bootleg sources?

    1. Yes, these tracks came from the 'Saved By The Bell' re-issue, which is why this one was much easier to put together than Barry's and Maurice's albums.