Friday, 28 September 2018

Status Quo - Tune To The Music (1976)

When Status Quo transformed themselves from a psychedelic pop group, with hits like 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men' and 'Ice In The Sun', into a no-nonsense heads-down boogie band, they introduced their new sound with a couple of fine singles. Both 'Down The Dustpipe' and 'In My Chair' hit the top 20 in the British chart, and so it's always surprised me that neither of them were included on their debut album in their new guise, 'Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon'. Not only that, but their next single 'Tune To The Music' (one of the best things they'd done up to that point) never made it onto 'Dog Of Two Heads', and so for many years the only way to keep these tracks in my collection was to hang on to my battered vinyl copy of 1971's 'Best Of Status Quo'. I think it's now time for an upgrade, and so I've started with those three singles, added in some exclusive b-sides, a stand-alone single and a couple of out-takes to make up a nice collection from my favourite period of the band's history - 1970-1976.

Track listing

01 Down The Dustpipe (single 1970)
02 In My Chair (single 1970)
03 Tune To The Music (single 1971)
04 Good Thinking (Batman) (b-side of 'Tune To The Music')
05 So Is It Really Me (Previously unreleased early version)
06 Joanne (b-side of 'Caroline' 1973)
07 Time To Fly (Previously unreleased)
08 Lonely Night (b-side of 'Break The Rules' 1974)
09 You Lost The Love (b-side of 'Rain' 1976)
10 Wild Side Of Life (single 1976)
11 All Through The Night (b-side of 'Wild Side Of Life')


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  1. Nice. I might add that "In My Chair" was, according to my information, recorded when Roy Lynes had already left the band so that must have been after "Ma Kelly".

    The later stuff could also make up several albums - I really like "Bad Company", for instance, one of the rare occasions when a full-fledged studio recording was not used at all, not even as a b-side.