Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Rutles - Meet The Rutles (2018)

There wasn't a track listing for this album on the Rutles fansite, so I decided to follow the lead of the other fans and make one up myself. We were getting towards the end of available songs from The Flames and The Rutles themselves, so I trawled the Neil Innes songbook for some ideas, and also added in  some tracks from Neil Innes & The World, Halsall/Hasley's Timebox, and GRIMMS to make up a reasonable running time.

Track listing

01 Hold My Hand
02 Things I Could Have Said
03 Feel No Shame
04 Kenny And Lisa
05 Baby S'il Vous Plait
06 Come Out Into The Open

07 Blue Suede Schubert
08 Rockin' Duck
09 A Woman That's Waiting
10 Take It While You Can
11 Love The Girl
12 Come Out Into The Open II

* The Rutles - 01, 05, 07
* Neil Innes - 03, 04
* The World - 02, 06, 12
* Timebox - 09, 11
* GRIMMS - 08, 10 

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Monday, 29 October 2018

Andrew Weatherall - Music's Not For Everyone (2016) UPGRADE

Since compiling this collection from Andrew Weatherall I've discovered the joys of Audacity, and have now manged to work out how to crossfade and mix this set properly, so this upgrade includes two versions of the album - one with a single 104 minute track and one with the tracks split out, but still segued seamlessly. It definitely sounds better than the first version, but it won't be perfect as this is my first attempt. 

Track listing

01 Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
02 St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)
03 My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)
04 New Order - Regret - Sabres (Slow 'n' Lo Mix)
05 Grinderman - Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall Bass Mix)
06 Fuck Buttons  - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
07 Primal Scream - Loaded (Andy Weatherall Mix)
08 Starsailor - Good Souls (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
09 Spiritualized - Come Together (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
10 One Dove - Breakdown Sabres Mix (Black Squire Rides Out)
11 Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
12 Steve Mason - Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 1)
13 Atari Teenage Riot - J One M One (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Green Day - Cigarettes & Valentines (2003) CONFESSION TIME

This post has been up for over two weeks now and had 40 plus downloads, and as no-one has commented about 'Olivia', it's time to come clean and admit that this recording is not actually by Green Day at all. As I mentioned earlier, the band only ever recorded it in concert, and so as a studio version of it doesn't exist, the band Hearts At War have lovingly recreated it in a style as close to Green Day as they could make it. I think that fact that no-one has commented on it not sounding like Green Day is testament to the care that Hearts At War have taken with their recording, and so I just want to give them the credit they deserve.

The Bee Gees - A Kick In The Head Is Worth Eight In The Pants (1973) UPGRADE

Thanks once again to TheLazenby for providing me with a major upgrade to this Bee Gees album, again from the master tapes. As with the Barry Gibb album, some of the songs were running at the wrong speed, and others were a bit muffled, so this version is as pristine as it can be.

Track listing

01 Elisa
02 Wouldn't I Be Someone
03 A Lonely Violin
04 Losers And Lovers
05 Home Again Rivers
06 Dear Mr. Kissinger
07 Jesus In Heaven
08 Harry's Gate
09 Rocky L.A.
10 Castles In The Air
11 Where Is Your Sister
12 It Doesn't Matter Much To Me
13 King And Country
14 (Life) Am I Wasting My Time

Friday, 26 October 2018

Strawbs - Or Am I Dreaming (1969)

After doing the rounds of the folk-club circuit in the early 60's with their banjo-based bluegrass tunes, The Strawberry Hill Boys shortened their name to the Strawbs and decamped to Denmark to record an album of their songs with future Fairport Convention stalwart Sandy Denny. That deal fell through and the album wasn't issued until many years later on a budget label, but word got around and in 1968 they were signed to Herb Albert's A&M label for a one off single in 'Oh How She Changed'/'Or Am I Dreaming'. That record did well enough for the label to offer the band the chance to record an album, so they headed off to the studio, with Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones, and the Ted Heath Orchestra in tow, to record their grandoise concept masterpiece. The finishing touch would be short snippets of spoken word between the tracks, but no sooner had they come up with that than Simon & Garfunkel beat them to it with 'Bookends', so the idea was abandoned. When the completed album was finished they proudly presented it to the record label, only to have it firmly rejected by a company who expected more of the psychedelic pop of the single rather than these ambitious pieces, complete with orchestra and a quintet of Middle Eastern musicians they'd met in a restaurant. They had to junk half of the songs and return to the studio to record replacement material which was more in keeping with what the label wanted, and the resultant 'Strawbs' album was released to some acclaim in 1969. Dave Cousins still thought that the rejected songs had some merit, but the band were tied to their A&M contract and so could do nothing with them, but when sessions for their second album produced some left-over material, Cousins decided to compile both sets of songs into a publisher's demo album, to be hawked around other record companies to see if anyone wanted to cover their songs. Just 100 copies were pressed, and it was distributed in a plain white sleeve with 'Strawberry Music Sampler No' 1' stamped on it. Most of the copies have since been lost, and at one point in the 90's only two copies were known to exist, but most of the songs have since leaked onto the net or been included in archive collections. Using a pretty good guess at the likely track listing of the rejected album, I've pieced it back together, including both sides of the single and a couple of early versions of tracks from the released debut album, together with some of the unheard songs from the 'Strawberry Music Sampler'. I agree with Cousins, in that these songs deserve to be heard, although you could understand the record company's trepidation about releasing them from an unknown band, but it's great to hear them at last, even the oddly appealing 'Sweetling', with Ted Heath's Orchestra swinging in the background.

Track listing

01 Or Am I Dreaming
02 Nothing Else Will Do
03 Poor Jimmy Wilson
04 Oh How She Changed
05 Just The Same In Every Way
06 All I Need Is You
07 I've Been My Own Worst Friend
08 And You Need Me
09 Pieces of 79 And 15
10 Stay Awhile With Me
11 Whichever Way The Wind Blows
12 Indian Summer
13 How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
14 The Falling Leaves
15 Sweetling

I originally made a cover based on the Japanese picture sleeve of the 'Thirty Days' single, but I had second thoughts and made this one instead, although I've left the old one in the download in case you prefer it.

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Donovan - Breezes Of Patchuli (1969)

Donovan is one of those artists whose catalogue is something of a nightmare to unravel, as his US albums tended to be made up of compilations of his UK releases, sometimes even including songs not on the parent records, meaning that neither country ended up having a definitive discography from him. As well as this he did release a couple of singles which had b-sides which were not taken from his then current album, and a few songs never even made it out of the studio, so this album complies them all together as a companion piece to his late 60's releases between 1966 and 1969. This take of 'Superlungs' is a great early version recorded some years before he re-did it with Jeff Beck for the 'Barabajagal' album, and 'Fat Angel' is his original recording of the song which Jefferson Airplane later made their own. The Jeff Beck sessions also provide four out-takes which are each good enough to have made it onto the 'Barabajagal' album if there had been space for them. 

Track listing

01 Breezes Of Patchuli (Previously unreleased)
02 Ferris Wheel (b-side of 'Mellow Yellow' 1967)
03 Superlungs (1st version)
04 The Trip (b-side of  'Sunshine Superman' 1966)
05 Preachin' Love (b-side of 'Epistle To Dippy' 1967)
06 The Fat Angel (omitted from the UK issue of the 'Sunshine Superman' album 1967)
07 Good Time (Previously unreleased)
08 Poor Cow (b-side of 'Jennifer Juniper' 1968)
09 Teen Angel (b-side of 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' 1968)
10 Aye My Love (b-side of 'Lalena' 1968)
11 Snakeskin (with Jeff Beck 1969)
12 Lauretta's Cousin Laurinda (with Jeff Beck 1969)
13 The Stromberg Twins (with Jeff Beck 1969)
14 A Poor Man's Sunshine (Nativity) (with Jeff Beck 1969)

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Nirvana - I Hate Myself And I Want To Die (1993)

'I Hate Myself and I Want to Die' was the original album title of what was to become 'In Utero', but was changed to avoid potential lawsuits. The band even took the title track off the album, with it eventually turning up on The Beavis and Butthead Experience soundtrack. The title was merely a bad joke, and unfortunately Kurt Cobain's dark sense of humor only fueled the myth of the suicidal rock star. By adding in a few outtakes and original mixes, we can attempt to get back to the original vision of Nirvana's response to the commercial success of 'Nevermind'. Sessions were held at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, over the course of two weeks in February, 1993. They held a few practice sessions in Brazil during their South American tour the month before, so the songs were ready to go. Produced by Steve Albini, they intended the album to be more raw and natural than Nevermind, much to the dismay of David Geffen, who was already counting the money. After hearing the album, Geffen said it was unreleasable, and ordered them to start over.  They compromised by having a few songs remixed by Scott Litt, who gave 'Heart Shaped Box' and 'All Apologies' a more radio-friendly veneer, as well as the single version of 'Pennyroyal Tea' later that year. So one of the obvious tasks is to reinstate the original Steve Albini mixes back onto the album, which is simple enough, since they are now included on the 'In Utero 20th Anniversary Edition'. Kurt even came up with a plan to release the original rough mixes on LP, cassette, and 8-track under the title 'I Hate Myself and Want to Die', then a month later release a remixed, radio friendly version called 'Verse Chorus Verse'. Thankfully, this never happened. I open with the title track, using the Pachyderm version found on 'In Utero 20th Anniversary Edition', followed by "Sappy," a song they worked on over the years, finally getting it right in Minnesota, but it failed yet again to make the final cut of an album. The remaining track sequence follows 'In Utero', and I've always thought that 'Serve the Servants' was not the best opening song anyway, so now it comes third. I also add in the Albini mixes of the two songs that were remixed. Then I sneak in Dave Grohl's 'Marigold' near the end, providing a nice prelude to 'All Apologies', and it's about time Dave got one of his songs on a Nirvana album, this being his second attempt at the track. This gives us 51-minutes of music, including every song recorded at the Pachyderm sessions.  51 minutes is on the long side for an LP, but this would have been mainly a CD release anyway, as well as 8-track. I wanted to keep the angel for the cover and found this online which seemed to be exactly what I needed.

Track listing

01 I Hate Myself and I Want to Die 
02 Sappy
03 Serve the Servants
04 Scentless Apprentice
05 Heart Shaped Box
06 Rape Me
07 Frances Farmer
08 Dumb
09 Very Ape
10 Milk It
11 Pennyroyal Tea
12 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
13 Tourette's
14 Marigold 
15 All Apologies

From The Album Fixer December 2014 - all notes and opinions are his (apart from the cover comment).

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Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel And.... (1995)

The final post of the trilogy of tracks compiled from the 'Rare' box set is made up of collaborations with other artists, mostly live recordings where he joined the artist on stage to perform a particular song with them. The sheer variety of the people that he has collaborated with over the years just goes to emphasise his wide-ranging tastes in music, and how he can turn his hand to many different styles, flitting between Laurie Anderson, Joni Mitchell, Robbie Robertson or Feargal Sharkey, to lesser known artists like Manu Katche and Milton Nascimento. Although these are all live recordings I've edited them to sound as clean as possible, and the resulting album is a testament to the high regard in which he is held by his fellow musicians.

Track listing

01 This Is The Picture (.... Laurie Anderson)
02 Another Day In 1977 (.... Kate Bush) 
03 Gravity's Angel (.... Laurie Anderson) 
04 Qualquer Coisa A Haver Com O Paraiso (.... Milton Nascimento)
05 Fallen Angel (.... Robbie Robertson)
06 My Secret Place (.... Joni Mitchell)
07 Be Still (.... Sinead O'Connor & Feargal Sharkey)
08 Dog 1 Dog 2 Dog 3 (.... L. Shankar & Stewart Copeland) 
09 Warm Doorway (.... Manu Katche) 


Thursday, 25 October 2018

Barry Gibb - The Kid's No Good (1970) UPGRADE

TheLazenby has noticed that my original post of this album seemed to be running as the wrong speed, resulting in some of the songs being in the wrong key, so he's very kindly sent me a replacement copy, ripped from the original master tapes. Some of the differences are quite noticeable, so it's worth upgrading to this copy if you've already got this one.

Track listing

01 Mando Bay
02 One Bad Thing
03 The Day Your Eyes Meet Mine
04 Happiness
05 Peace in My Mind
06 Clyde O'Reilly
07 I Just Want to Take Care of You
08 I'll Kiss Your Memory
09 The Victim
10 This Time
11 What's It All About
12 Born

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Rutles - A Hard Day's Rut (2017)

This is the soundtrack album to The Rutles first foray onto the big screen in 'A Hard Day's Rut'. The original track listing included 'High School Hermit' by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, but this was never properly recorded by the group, and is only available on a live TV broadcast, with the quality somewhat letting it down compared to the other tracks on the album, and so I was reluctant to include it. However, I have downloaded it and carried out a couple of (I hope) subtle edits to remove the comedy sketch in the middle, and it's included as a bonus if you want to add it back into your own copy. 'Fresh Wound' and 'I Want To Be With You', both by the Bonzos, are already on 'Rutle Sole' and 'Ouch!', so have been substituted. 

Track listing

01 I Must Be In Love  
02 Lovers Leaping
03 With A Girl Like You  
04 Between Us  
05 I Love You 
06 I'm So Happy

07 I'm Talking About You 
08 Boring 
09 Lonely-Phobia 
10 See Me Back 
11 One Of These Days 
12 Nobody

Bonus track
13 High School Hermit

* The Rutles - 01, 03, 04, 05, 09,
* The Flame(s) - 06, 07, 10, 11, 12
* Neil Innes - 08
* Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - 13
* Ollie Halsall - 02 

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Rutles - Rutle Sole (2017)

TheLazenby recently asked me if I was going to re-post some of the earlier albums and substitute songs which have already appeared on other albums, as I have done on recent posts, and I originally said that I wouldn't be doing that, as there weren't that many and I'd run out of suitable songs to use, so I'd just leave them as they were. But as I was finalising one last album I discovered that in fact all of the duplications were on just one post, so if I added a few substitutions to 'Rutle Sole' then every album would have a unique track listing, so that was definitely worth doing. It helped that I'd also discovered a new batch of Neil Innes and Ollie Halsall songs that I could use, and so here is 'Rutle Sole' with four substitutions, meaning that there should no longer be any albums with the same song on them. If there are then I've missed it, so please let me know.  

Track listing

01 Yellow Van
02 If You Think You're Groovy 
03 You Done My Brain In 
04 Singing A Song Is Easy
05 Restless
06 Love The Girl 
07 Randy Raquel

08 Boring 
09 Lady 
10 Song For Yvonne 
11 See Me Back
12 This Love Of Ours
13 Fresh Wound 
14 It's Looking Good


* The Rutles 14
* Timebox - 01
* The Flame(s) - 02, 05, 06, 09, 11
* Neil Innes - 04, 07, 08, 10, 12
* The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - 03, 13

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Andrew Weatherall - Music's Not For Everyone (2016)

If Andrew Weatherall is known for one song above all others then it's for his remix of Primal Scream's 'I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have' as the ground-breaking 'Loaded'. However, on looking further into his career I found that he's worked with a lot more name artists than I realised, with his first studio work being alongside Paul Oakenfold on the club remix of 'Hallelujah' for the Happy Mondays. More remixes followed before he hit the big time with 'Loaded', and this opened the door for many other bands to request his services, including his acclaimed 'A Mix of Two-Halves' version of Saint Etienne's cover of Neil Young's 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart', and his remix of My Bloody Valentine's 'Soon', which was ranked at number 1 in NME's list of 'The 50 Best Remixes Ever'. For this collection I've gathered together thirteen of his best remixes, and attempted to mix them into an hour and three quarters of top notch dance music.

Track listing

01 Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
02 St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves)
03 My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)
04 New Order - Regret - Sabres (Slow 'n' Lo Mix)
05 Grinderman - Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall Bass Mix)
06 Fuck Buttons  - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
07 Primal Scream - Loaded (Andy Weatherall Mix)
08 Starsailor - Good Souls (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
09 Spiritualized - Come Together (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
10 One Dove - Breakdown Sabres Mix (Black Squire Rides Out)
11 Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
12 Steve Mason - Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 1)
13 Atari Teenage Riot - J One M One (Andrew Weatherall Remix)


Single track megamix

The Pretty Things - Defecting Grey (1970)

The Pretty Things were a band with three distinct parts to their career, starting out as the only credible threat to the Rolling Stones in the early 60's, then moving into more of a pop/r'n'b phase in the mid 60's, before embracing psychedelia with open arms towards the end of the decade. This last era produced arguably the first rock opera, in the still astounding 'S. F. Sorrow' in 1968, and at the same time they also managed to release a couple of one-off singles, one of which, 'Defecting Grey', is generally regarded as the epitome of British psychedelia. 'Parachute' followed in 1970, and while still a superb album, it didn't hit the heights of 'S. F. Sorrow', being slightly heavier in sound, and that also fed through to the few non-albums singles which came out around the same time. This album collects together all those exclusive singles from their golden period of 1967-1971, and tops it off with a rare acetate recording of 'Defecting Grey'.

Track listing

01 Defecting Grey (single 1967)
02 Mr. Evasion (b-side of 'Defecting Grey')
03 Talkin' About The Good Times (single 1968)
04 Walking Through My Dreams (b-side of 'Talkin' About The Good Times')
05 Blue Serge Blues (b-side of 'The Good Mr. Square' 1970)
06 October 26 (single 1970)
07 Cold Stone (b-side of 'October 26')
08 Cold Hearted Mama (single 1971)
09 Summer Time (b-side of 'Cold Hearted Mama')
10 Circus Mind (b-side of 'Cold Hearted Mama')
11 Defecting Grey (acetate recording)


Prince - Purple Music (1983)

I think we all know by now just how much unreleased material Prince left behind when he died, and a throwaway remark in a Record Collector review has led me to some of it. In their review of the latest official release of some 1983 demos, they said that 'the way he turned out 'Purple Music' all by himself has to be heard to be believed', and a challenge like that can't be ignored. At first I didn't know if 'Purple Music' was a song or an album, but there was a song of that name on Youtube which was as good as I'd hoped, and a bit more searching uncovered a bootleg album which included that track along with many others from around the same time, only one of which has been officially released since it was complied (that I know of). I was never really that much of a Prince fan while he was alive, but I'm getting into him much more now that I've found out more about him from the tributes - for instance, I never knew that he generally played all the instruments on his songs himself, or that he'd written so many of them that there's a vault full of material just waiting to be discovered. This is an album of just that material, and has belatedly shown me just what a talent we've lost.

Track listing

01 Turn It Up
02 Do Yourself A Favor
03 No Call U
04 Feel U Up
05 Irresistible Bitch
06 Possessed
07 Extralovable
08 Chocolate
09 Purple Music
10 Baby, You're  A Trip
11 Moonbeam Levels


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Hawkwind - The Dream Of Isis (1977)

You don't normally think of Hawkwind as a singles band, but they did release quite a few during the early days of their career, and not all of the songs came from their then current albums. 'Silver Machine' is their most famous song, and a surprise hit single for the band, and buoyed by that success they managed to repeat it the following year with 'Urban Guerrilla'. They also tended to record more songs than were needed for their albums, and so bonus tracks have been sneaking out on the remastered albums for a while now.This album of singles, plus another one of unreleased songs which I'll post later, attempt to collect them all together in one easy to access place so that we can relive those heady days of early 70's space-rock from one of the pioneering bands of the genre. 

Track listing

01 Born To Go (b-side of 'Lord Of Light' 1973)
02 Seven By Seven (b-side of 'Silver Machine')
03 Silver Machine (single 1972)
04 Brainbox Pollution (b-side of 'Urban Guerrilla')
05 Urban Guerrilla (single 1973)
06 It's So Easy (b-side of 'The Psychedelic Warlords' 1974)
07 Paradox (b-side of 'You'd Better Believe It' 1974)
08 Motorhead (b-side of 'Kings Of Speed' 1975)
09 Back On The Streets (single 1977)
10 The Dream Of Isis (b-side of 'Back On The Streets')


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The Rutles - Rutles For Sale (2017)

More great 60's-style pop from the inimitable Rutles. Just a couple of changes on this album, as I've replaced 'I'm Talking About You' as it's already on 'A Hard Day's Rut' (next week's post), as is 'Between Us'. I've actually run out of suitable songs to substitute, so as this album was already well over 40 minutes long then the best option was to just remove 'Between Us'.

Track listing

01 No Reply  
02 Protest Song  
03 For Your Precious Love  
04 Pretty Woman 
05 Steppin' Ou  
06 Re-Cycled Vinyl Blues  

07 Eight Days A Week 
08 Glory Of Love  
09 Don't Ask Me What I Say  
10 White Cliffs Of Dover 
11 Now She's Left You 
12 Travelling Show
13 Hey Hey, Little Girl 


* The Rutles - 11
* The Flame(s) - 01, 03, 04, 07, 08, 09, 10
* Neil Innes - 02, 06
* Ollie Halsall - 05, 12, 13

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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Van Morrison - Mechanical Bliss (1975) New cover art

Paul over at Albums That Should Exist has recently posted a different take of this album https://albumsthatshouldexist.blogspot.com/2018/10/van-morrison-mechanical-bliss-various.html, and in the course of doing so we've both discovered that although we knew that the cover art which was rejected by Morrison was later sold to Steely Dan for their 'Royal Scam' album, we didn't realise that it was changed before they used it. Apparently the man sleeping on the bench was added at a later date for use on the Dan album, and a bit of searching has led me to the original painting before the addition of the sleeping man, so this is possibly what the sleeve could have looked like had Morrison's album ever been officially issued.

I'm not posting a link to the new art as you can save it from this page, and I'm leaving the original cover that I used in the download.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Green Day - Cigarettes & Valentines (2003)

'Cigarettes & Valentines' was to have been the follow-up to 2000's 'Warning', but in November 2002, with the album nearly finished, the master tapes were mysteriously stolen from the band's studio. Instead of re-recording the album, the band decided to start from scratch, leading to the creation of the classic 'American Idiot'. They were later able to relocate and recover some material, and reworked this for b-sides to their singles. Green Day fan bskert has had a go at reconstructing the original 'Cigarettes & Valentines' album from possible track listings which he found on the net, and also his knowledge of the band in general, and this is what he's come up with. Some songs were later renamed for release on other albums, and so 'Dropout' is actually 'Brutal Love', 'Sleepyhead' later became 'Lazy Bones', 'Clusterbomb' was renamed 'Letterbomb', and 'Wasteaway' ended up as 'Oh Love'. The title track was only ever performed live and no studio recording of it exists. 

Track listing

01 Cigarettes & Valentines
02 Hearts Collide
03 Clusterbomb
04 Walk Away
05 Sleepyhead
06 Dropout
07 Too Much Too Soon
08 Favourite Son
09 Youngblood
10 Lights Out
11 Olivia
12 Governator

Family - Strange Band (1973)

Family are another great band who never really got the acclaim that they deserved until they'd broken up. Their debut album 'Music From A Doll's House' was a classic of the psychedelic era, and the first three songs from their second release 'Family Entertainment' were as good as rock music ever got in the 70's. Roger Chapman's idiosyncratic vocals could take a bit of getting used to, but once you embraced them he was a stunning frontman, and the rest of the band provided a musical backing which more than lived up to their talents, including during their lifetime such luminaries as John "Charlie" Whitney, Ric Grech, John Wetton, Jim Cregan, Poli Palmer, and Tony Ashton. Their debut single 'Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens' was produced by Jimmy Miller, but failed to make an impact on the charts, and so it wasn't even included on their first album, although these days it's heralded as a superb example of British psychedelia. As they progressed through their career they subtly changed their sound to include a folk element on their 'A Song For Me' album, although never overbearingly, and by the time they released their penultimate, and in my opinion their finest, album 'Bandstand' they'd moprhed into a great hard rock band. Along the way they issued a number of non-album singles, and also recorded some songs for use as exclusive b-sides, and so this album collects them all together so that fans of the group don't miss out on any of the music recorded by this 'strange band'. 

Track listing

01 Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens (single 1967)
02 Gypsy Woman (b-side of 'Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens')
03 Home Town (b-side of 'Second Generation Woman' 1968)
04 No Mules Fool (single 1969)
05 Good Friend Of Mine (b-side of 'No Mule's Fool')
06 Strange Band (single 1970)
07 Today (single 1970)
08 Song For Lots (b-side of 'Today')
09 In My Own Time (single 1971)
10 Seasons (b-side of 'In My Own Time')
11 Rockin' R's (b-side of 'Burlesque' 1972)
12 Stop The Car (b-side of 'Boom Bang' 1973)
13 Drink To You (b-side to 'Sweet Desiree' 1973)

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Supertramp - Free As A Bird (1987)

(......and in an alternate universe.....) Following the massive success of their last album 'Sleeping With The Enemy', which gained praise from both critics and fans alike as their best work in years, Supertramp had the unenviable task of recording a follow-up that didn't disappoint. Roger Hodgson had written some songs which were fairly similar to the ones that he'd contributed to the previous album, but Rick Davies wanted to have a more modern sound on the album by using drum machines and computers, and so they had to compromise and split the recording between Hodgson's more organic sound and Davies' modern direction. Despite this mixture of styles the resultant album worked surprisingly well, although it was to be the last for a while, as the band broke up shortly after it's release in 1987.  

Track listing

01 Puppet Dance
02 You Can Never Tell With Friends
03 Desert Love
04 Thing For You
05 Hai Hai
06 It Doesn't Matter
07 Free As A Bird
08 You Make Me Love You
09 An Awful Thing To Waste


Marmalade - Radancer (1971)

Marmalade will probably forever be remembered as the band that took The Beatles' 'Ob-La-Di Ob-La Da' to number one in 1969, but that song was in no way typical of the music that they were producing both before and after that hit. Their previous releases were the up-tempo 60's pop of 'Lovin' Things' and 'Wait For Me Mary-Anne', while they followed it with the classic 'Reflections Of My Life', and from then on they never looked back. As they moved into the 70's they took on a very slight hint of the glam rock of the time, and produced two of my favourite singles of the era in 'Cousin Norman' in 1971 and 'Radancer' the following year. As 1972 wore on the band recorded some demos which hinted that they might be moving in a more progressive direction, as they included the lengthy three part 'Middle Of A Night', and the extended guitar rock of the seven-minute 'Out On A Dark Night'. This album therefore gives us an idea of what their next release could have sounded like if they'd stuck to this new direction, rather than go down the heavy rock route that they did with their 1973 singles 'Our House Is Rocking' and 'The Wishing Well'.

Track listing

01 Cousin Norman (single 1971)
02 Lonely Man (b-side of 'Cousin Norman')
03 Love Is Hard To Rearrange (b-side of 'Back On The Road' 1971)
04 Radancer (single 1972)
05 Just One Woman (b-side of 'Radancer')
06 Jody (1972 demo)
07 Middle Of A Night - Parts I, II & III (1972 demo)
08 Mr Heartbreaker (1972 demo)
09 Out On A Dark Night (1972 demo)
10 Sunset Regret (1972 demo)


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Rutles - Ouch! (2017)

This week's post was going to be the last one in the series, as I'd exhausted the ones that I'd found on Youtube, and had used the couple that I'd made up myself based on track listings by TheLazenby and Rutles' Vinyls, and so I thought that was enough. However, after seeing how well-received the series has been I decided to see it through to the end, and so have now completed the whole discography. Working backwards, the next album released by the Pre-Fab Four was 'Ouch!', and now that we are getting towards the end of the series I've noticed that a few duplications of songs were starting to creep in, so where the same song is on two albums quite close together I've made a substitution, and I hope the compilers don't mind. Just a couple on here, as 'Now She's Left You' is also on 'Rutles For Sale' (next week's post), and 'Time To Kill' was on 'Semi-Automatic'. As 'I Must Be In Love' will appear on 'A Hard Day's Rut' in a few weeks I've used a 'live' version for this album.
After I posted this, TheLazenby made a good point, that when he compiled 'Rutle Sole' he included 'I'm Looking Good' as the equivalent of 'I'm Looking Through You' from the actual 'Rubber Soul', and bearing in mind that by substituting all the duplicated songs on 'Rutle Sole' we actually ended up with a Rutles album without a single song from the band themselves, I'm more than happy to reinstate it into its rightful place. I've just moved 'Summertime Kids' from 'Rutle Sole' to Ouch!', and this is what the new track listing looks like for that one.

Track listing

01 Ouch!  
02 Summertime Kids 
03 I Want To Be With You 
04 If You Need Me 
05 Baby Let Me Be 
06 Things You Don't Forget
07 I Can't Help Myself

08 Act Naturally 
09 Tubas In The Moonlight 
10 That's Enough 
11 I Must Be In Love (live)
12 Mr. Sheene  
13 L'amour Perdu  

* The Rutles - 01, 05, 08, 11
* The Flame(s) - 04, 06, 07, 10
* Neil Innes - 13
* The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - 03, 09
* Dirk & Stig (Fataar/Idle) - 12
* Ollie Halsall 02

'Act Naturally' is a rehearsal take featuring Neil Innes and John Halsey.

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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Maurice Gibb - The Loner (1970) UPGRADE

I've been sent a rip of this complete album including bonus tracks, courtesy of TheLazenby, and so I now have the two missing instrumentals that I couldn't find earlier, and also some additional bonus tracks to flesh out the running time. 'Danny' and 'Till I Try' were both recorded in 1971 after Maurice announced that he'd been offered the chance to score the Richard Harris film 'Bloomfield'. However, the film's musical director Johnny Harris denied this, and said Maurice could submit one song, so he chose instead to re-record 'The Loner' as his contribution, and these two songs remained unreleased. I've now realised that I had the wrong version of 'Silly Little Girl', being the one which had been amalgamated with parts of 'Danny' by producer Stephen Morgan, and I've removed the track from the 'Sing A Rude Song' musical, as I've since discovered that even though Maurice sang on it, he didn't write it, so it didn't really belong here. Lastly, I've boosted the bass on a couple of the thinner sounding songs so that they better match the rest of the album, so all in all this is a major upgrade on my original post, and even if you've already grabbed it then it's worth upgrading to this version.

Track listing

01 Journey To The Misty Mountains (Instrumental) >
02 The Loner 
03 Please Lock Me Away 
04 I've Come Back
05 Soldier Johnny
06 She's The One You Love
07 Ping Pong
08 Railroad 
09 Laughin' Child
10 Something's Blowing 
11 Silly Little Girl
12 Insight
13 Danny
14 Till I Try
15 Touch And Understand Love
16 This Time