Friday, 2 November 2018

Marmalade - Can You Help Me (1969)

My last Marmalade post received a couple of comments agreeing with me that this band was very under-rated, and during their career they produced some great music which is often over-looked. The previous album was mostly centred around their singles and demos from 1972, and so this one goes back a bit further to 1969/70, and includes two of their best singles (after the beautiful 'Reflections Of My Life') in 'Rainbow' and their take on the Bee Gees' 'Butterfly'. The highlight of the set, though, has to be the stunning 8-minute title track, which would be hailed as a classic if it had come from a progessive rock band of the period, but from a group generally known for their bugglegum pop it was just astonishing. 

Track listing

01 Butterfly (single 1969)
02 Rollin' My Thing (b-side of 'Reflections Of My Life' 1969)
03 Rainbow (single 1970)
04 The Ballad Of Cherry Flavar (b-side of 'Rainbow')
05 My Little One (single 1971)
06 Is Your Life Your Own (b-side of 'My Little One')
07 Stay With Me Baby (Previously unreleased)
08 Can You Help Me (Previously unreleased)
09 Some Fine Day (Demo 1969)
10 Evening Shadows (Demo 1970)



  1. Hi Thank you very much,
    Do you know if "Can you help me " was a single or it was included in album ?
    Yes, I' m surprised 'cause it's very great !

    Have a nice week

    1. I agree that it's a stunning piece of music, and so unlike most of their other stuff. Apparently it was one of the last recordings that Junior Campbell was involved in before he left the band in 1971, and it remained unreleased until it surfaced in 1996.

  2. Many thanks,
    These guys are winning to be known !