Friday, 11 January 2019

The Rolling Stones - Stoned On Reggae (1997)

Following on from my 'Kingston Calling' post showing the way that reggae influenced The Clash, another band who have never shied away from including the odd bit of reggae into their songs are The Rolling Stones. Perhaps their most famous attempt was 'Cherry Oh Baby' from the 'Black And Blue' album, and this seemed to inspire them to experiment more with the genre, as following albums tended to feature at least one reggae or reggae-influenced song. They included the otherwise unavailable 'Cracking Up' on their 'Love You Live' album from 1977, and during the sessions for 1979's 'Emotional Rescue' in Nassua the band laid down a 10 minute reggae jam called 'Jah Is Not Dead'. They also recorded a number of reggae songs which never made it to the final track-listing of their albums, so I've gathered up the best of those, edited 'Jah Is Not Dead' to a more palatable length, and to round off the collection I've added on the excellent Bi-Polar At The Controls remix of 'Out Of Control' from the 'Bridges To Babylon' album.

Track listing

01 Cherry Oh Baby (from 'Black And Blue' 1976)
02 Send It To Me (from 'Emotional Rescue' 1980)
03 Hey Negrita (from 'Black And Blue' 1976)
04 You Don't Have To Mean It (from 'Bridges To Babylon' 1997)
05 Cracking Up (from 'Love You Live' 1977)
06 She Never Listens To Me (out-take 1985)
07 Feel On Baby (from 'Undercover' 1983)
08 Munich Reggae (out-take 1975)
09 Jah Is Not Dead (out-take 1979)
10 Too Rude (from 'Dirty Work' 1986)
11 Out Of Control ('Bridges To Babylon' remix 1997)



  1. Thanks for the post. Purportedly there are reggae versions of "Start Me Up", as that song is said to have begun life as a reggae tune and the band ultimately morphed it into a conventional rock tune using the suspended chords. I searched for years for one of the supposed reggae takes but never turned one up.

    1. I did find that on Youtube, and to be honest the reggae influence was so minimal that I decided not to include it here. Hear for yourself here

  2. Could you please re-share this?