Friday, 1 March 2019

Kate Bush - My Lagan Love (2007)

The third volume of Kate Bush rarities collects together her covers and film soundtrack work, including three songs from The Comic Strip's 'GLC' film and her contribution to an Elton John tribute album. To be honest I thought that covers of 'Rocket Man' and 'Candle In The Wind' would be a bit lame, but Bush really puts her mark on them, and they certainly repay repeated hearings. Her take on Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' also adds a certain something to the song, and while recording 'Mna na hEireann' she was particularly keen to get an authentic Irish pronunciation, spending a lot of time practicing with Donal Lunny before going into the studio. She also effortlessly handles folk with 'Lord Of The Reedy River' and 'The Handsome Cabin Boy', and jazz on 'The Man I Love', showing once again her huge versatility, and her willingness to tackle unusual song choices.    

Track listing

01 Lord Of The Reedy River (b-side of 'Sat In Your Lap' 1981)
02 Brazil (Sam Lowry's Last Dream) (from the soundtrack to 'Brazil' 1985)
03 The Confrontation (from The Comic Strip's 'GLC' 1990)
04 The Handsome Cabin Boy (b-side of 'Hounds Of Love' 1986)
05 One Last Look Around The House Before We Go (from The Comic Strip's 'GLC' 1990)
06 My Lagan Love (b-side of 'Cloudbusting' 12" 1985)
07 Ken (from The Comic Strip's 'GLC' 1990) 
08 Rocket Man (from the Elton John tribute album 'Two Rooms' 1991)
09 The Man I Love (from 'The Glory Of Gershwin' tribute album 1994)
10 Sexual Healing (b-side of 'King Of The Mountain' 2005)
11 Candle In The Wind (b-side of 'Rocket Man' 1991)
12 Mna na hEireann (from 'Common Ground - Voices of Modern Irish Music' 1995)
12 Lyra (From the soundtrack to 'The Golden Compass' 2007)


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