Friday, 22 March 2019

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Stepping Sideways (1971)

From the beginnings of the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers, to Manfred Mann the pop group, and later with the jazz-rock of Manfred Mann Chapter III, keyboardist Manfred Mann has built up a following with a repertoire of blues, pop,  experimental jazz rock, and eventually progressive rock with his Earth Band. Manfred Mann Chapter III started in 1969, but the group only lasted two years and broke up in 1971, when Mann wanted to move in a more rock-orientated direction and formed Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The band started recording in 1971, and released their first two singles, covers of Randy Newman's 'Living Without You' and Dylan's 'Please Mrs. Henry', as by Manfred Mann, but all subsequent releases were credited to the Earth Band. They'd more or less finished recording the album when the group’s music started to change while touring, and Mann decided to shelve this version of the album and start again. What changed was the style of music, which became more electric and less acoustic, and Mann decided that this album was not representative of what the new band was playing live. Test pressings of the album had already been pressed, and people who heard it later were of the opinion that many of the 'Stepping Sideways' tracks are as good as much of what ended up on the Earth Band’s official debut. I've put this album together using the track listing from the test pressings, and added in the 'Please Mrs. Henry' single. The tracks which did eventually end up on the released debut album are the same versions as on that release.

Track listing

01 Ned Kelly
02 Ashes To The Wind
03 Part Time Man
04 Living Without You
05 Jump Sturdy
06 California Coastline
07 Ain't No Crime
08 Please Mrs. Henry
09 Holly Holy
10 Tribute

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