Friday, 3 May 2019

Q65 - From Above (1988)

Here's some more great psychedelic r'n'b and garage rock from Holland with some rare tracks from Q65. The band formed in early 1965 when guitarists Joop Roelofs and Frank Nuyens joined with singer Willem Bieler to start the group, and the line-up was completed with the addition of drummer Jay Baar and bass player Peter Vink. The band was inspired by rhythm and blues emanating from the UK and US at the time, and they started performing publicly in the Spring of 1965 under the name Q65. During a concert at a skating ring they met producer Peter Koelewijn, who was very impressed by their show and invited them to an audition at the Phonogram studio, where they recorded two of their own songs, 'And Your Kind' and 'You're The Victor', which were then released as their first single in 1966. The record broke into the Dutch Top 20, and two more hit singles quickly followed.  Under Van Hemert's guidance the band released their first album 'Revolution' in 1966, and it became a hit, selling 35,000 copies in the Netherlands. More hit singles followed, and the band seemed to be on the road to significant success when singer Wim Bieler was drafted for military service, and drug problems with the rest of the band caused them to break up in 1968. 
They reformed in 1970 with new drummer Beer Klaasse, and released two more fine albums in 'Revival' in 1969 and the more psychedelic 'Afghanistan' in 1970. All three of their albums became highly sought after in the 80's and 90's, especially in the UK an US, and original copies change hands for large sums. The original band reformed again in 1980 and toured extensively, and also recorded two songs for a single which remained unreleased. One last single emerged in 1988, but by 2018 three of the members had died, leaving behind a legacy of being one of the best ever Dutch r'n'b bands. This collection includes all their songs which didn't appear on their albums, including one-off singles and various b-sides, as well as a single recorded by most of the remaining members as Circus, while Wim Bieler was doing his national service, and another single released under the name of Kjoe in 1972, following their final break-up in 1971.  

Track listing

01 You're The Victor (single 1966)
02 And Your Kind (b-side of 'You're The Victor')
03 Cry In The Night (b-side of 'The Life I Live' 1966)
04 I Despise You (single 1966)
05 Ann (single 1968)
06 From Above (single 1967)
07 Where Is The Key (single 1967)
08 Sour Wine (b-side of 'Ann')
09 Fairy Tales Of Truth (single as Circus 1969)
10 Ridin' On A Slow Train (b-side of 'Fairy Tales Of Truth')
11 Hoonana (single as Kjoe 1972)
12 Troubles (b-side of 'Hoonana')
13 Country Girl (b-side of 'Fighting Is Easy' 1971)
14 Let's Roll (single 1988)
15 Are You Home (b-side of 'Let's Roll')

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