Friday, 1 November 2019

The Bevis Frond - We've Got It Covered (1992)

Thanks go to Frederick for getting me started on this one as following my last Bevis Frond post he sent me a track that he'd had on an old compilation album for ages, with a suggestion that I added it the 'Frondant Fancies' album. It was a cover of 'Who Knows' from a Jimi Hendrix tribute album, and as I know The Frond have contributed to a lot of these over the years I decided that rather than add it to the previous post I'd use it as the starting point for a follow-up post. There's quite an eclectic selection here, from rock (Hendrix), pop (The Hollies), psyche (Iron Butterfly), punk (The Saints), blues (The Groundhogs), and Krautrock (Electric Sandwich), but they're all done in the Frond's unique style, and so the album as a whole sounds pretty cohesive. It was going to be a concise 40 minutes until I remembered that I have the Fruits De Mer box-set 'Side Effects', which included a 24-minute take on Electric Sandwich's 'China', and this bumped up the playing time to just over an hour, but 'China' is just too good to leave out. Visitors with long memories will get what he's doing on 'Hey Joe', but if you don't know then check out this video at around the 7 min 40 sec mark. 

Track listing

01 Who Knows (Jimi Hendrix 1970)
02 Hey Joe (The Leaves 1965 / Jimi Hendrix  1967)
03 Hard Hard Year (The Hollies 1966)
04 Express Man (The Groundhogs 1969)
05 Hey Bulldog (The Beatles 1968)
06 Possession (Iron Butterfly 1968) 
07 Let's Live For Today (The Rokes 1966)
08 This Perfect Day (The Saints 1977)
09 You Never Give Me Your Money (The Beatles 1969)
10 Grounded (The Syn 1967)
11 When Will The Rain Come (The Troggs 1967)
12 I've Been Waiting For You (Neil Young 1968)
13 20th September (Equipe 84 1967)
14 China (Electric Sandwich 1973)

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  1. Hi Zippy link appears dead and Yandex tells me exceeded my limit

  2. Zippy seemed to be unlinked but try it now.

  3. Nick does a stunning version of The Syn's Grounded on the comp Pull Up the Paisley Covers

  4. Thanks pj, I've been meaning to compile a BF non-album set, you've saved me the bother, this looks really interesting. And thanks for the non-zippy option.

  5. PJ A Christmas Present for you, The Frond Cliff Richard Summer Holiday EP, link below, for a week.

    Vinyl rip from 7' (only have mp3 sorry)

  6. A belated thanks for this. I do have the vinyl myself but for some reason never thought to include anything from it on the covers album!

  7. WOW!...many thanks for this pj.....bought a few of his albums back in the late 80's.