Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Rolling Stones - The 1969 Preservation Tapes (1969)

Fans of bands such as The Rolling Stones have become used to an annual New Years treat as their parent record company attempts to extend the copyright of unissued archive material by making it publicly available online. The difference this year was the method they used was Youtube, with 115 unissued Stones tracks appearing on 31st December 2019 under the user 69RSTRAX. By the time they'd been flagged by US websites they'd been taken down, but luckily there were Stones fans who were expecting this, and they managed to save the tracks before they were deleted. The downside, however, was that there an in-built spoiler in the recordings, resulting in a high-pitched whine throughout, but using some free software, the foremost Rolling Stones fansite www.iorr.org has removed this spoiler and made the tracks available for fans to hear these unique, and often very different versions of some the band's best songs from 1969. They've been around for a month or so now, and are already getting hard to find, so I've tracked them down before they disappear completely. Of the 115 tracks released, there were 98 live recordings from a variety of gigs throughout the year, but I've concentrated on the studio recordings, and for the collection that I found the compiler has just removed one track which was actually a 1978 rehearsal uploaded in error, so we now have a bluesier version of 'Love In Vain', and a take of 'You Got The Silver' featuring Jagger on vocals, with Richards returning the favour by singing 'Gimme Shelter'. There's also an early take of 'Sister Morphine', a radically reworked 'Wild Horses', 'Honky Tonk Women' with alternate lyrics, and instrumental versions of 'Stray Cat Blues', 'Midnight Rambler', 'Let It Bleed' and 'Country Honk'. To close the album we have 22 minutes of Jagger and the London Bach Choir laying down the choral vocals for 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' (at the end, as you might only ever want to hear it once!), and the whole collection gives us a fascinating insight into the studio workings of the band from over 50 years ago. 

Track listing

01 Sympathy For The Devil (Rock And Roll Circus rehearsals)
02 Stray Cat Blues (instrumental)
03 Ruby Tuesday (Rock And Roll Circus rehearsals)
04 Midnight Rambler (instrumental)
05 Wild Horses (with strings and glass harmonica)
06 Country Honk (instrumental)
07 Sister Morphine (longer early version)
08 Let It Bleed (instrumental)
09 Love In Vain (bluesier version)
10 You Got The Silver (Jagger lead vocal)
11 Gimme Shelter (alternate vocals)
12 Honky Tonk Women (alternate lyrics)
13 Gimme Shelter (Jagger and Richards double-tracked vocals)
14 You Can't Always Get What You Want (choir overdub sessions)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Are there similar collections for 68,67 etc? I've seen them for Dylan and the Beach Boys but not the Stones.

    1. Apparently they did the same for '66, '67 and '68 through Youtube, but they seem to be long gone. They only have to be up for a day to preserve the copyright, so unless someone grabbed them we've missed our chance. It's worth Googling in case they are out there.

  2. Here's the 65/66 stuff, although it's generally agreed that it's not a great selection. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vsimb5ouqut82as/AACaXKH8Y7i4sePJHf0fnrC_a?dl=0
    From bootlegzone: STUDIO:
    19th Nervous Breakdown (3.50)
    Have You Seen Your Mother... (2.27)
    Mother's Little Helper (2.47)
    Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue (published as Dandelion) (2.00)

    LIVE (good quality) Honolulu?
    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (5.19)
    19th Nervous Breakdown (3.40)
    Get Off My Cloud (2.58)
    Lady Jane (3.17)
    Mother's Little Helper (2.43)
    Paint It Black (3.06)
    The Last Time (2.52)

    Under My Thumb (Ready Steady Go UK TV show) (3.42)
    I Am Waiting (Ready Steady Go UK TV show) (3.02)
    Paint It Black (Ready Steady Go UK TV show) (2.22)

    LIVE (crap quality) Paris?
    19th Nervous Breakdown (3.34)
    Get Off My Cloud (3.03)
    I'm Alright (4.11)
    Mercy Mercy (2.18)
    Not Fade Away (1.55) this appears to have been posted twice or I grabbed it twice
    Play With Fire (1.57)
    She Said Yeah (1.48)
    The Last Time (2.45)
    The Spider and the Fly (2.42)
    Time is On My Side (2.56)

  3. Thanks for your reply, dl them now. They may be mega stars now, but I'll always prefer the early stuff.
    The radio in my day only played the single, I never heard the choir version till much later. I still prefer the single but it was interesting to hear the studio work and Mick directing.
    Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for these. Love to hear the '66, '67 & '68 stuff too.

    1. There's a link to the 65/66 stuff above, but I think we've missed the 67 and 68 ones.

  5. Anybody else having problems dowloading from Yandex? Download limit exceeded?

  6. I think Yandex have a daily download limit, but try early tomorrow and you'll get it.

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I'm certainly not having any luck finding the other 1969 songs...might you be compiling another album from them...an alternate/expanded Ya-Ya's maybe?

    1. The 40th anniversary edition of 'Ya Ya's' did include five additional live tracks, and you can get a copy of that from here http://theblues-thatjazz.com/en/rock/142-rollingstone/9939-rolling-stones-get-yer-ya-yas-out-the-rolling-stones-in-concert-40th-anniversary-deluxe-edition.html

  8. If you want more rare Stones stuff then check out recent posts from Paul's site https://albumsthatshouldexist.blogspot.com/search/label/Rolling%20Stones

    1. Thanks for the link. :)

      I totally missed all this copyright preservation stuff. Could you please post the 1969 live stuff as well?

    2. Oh, also, your Zippyshare link is broken, and your Yandex link is maxed out.

    3. Afraid that I didn't find the live stuff when I grabbed the studio recordings, and I've gone through the iorr.org site and can't find any live links. I'll keep searching. The Zippy links seems OK from here, and Yandex does have a daily limit, so try again tomorrow.

    4. The Zippy link seems to be working now.

      I found the Madison Square Garden show from the first night, via Soulseek. I downloaded just that one because it is said to have the best sound. I didn't like it. Even though it's said to be a soundboard, it sounds like an average audience bootleg, with distant vocals. The other live recordings are said to sound worse. The studio stuff you posted (and Get Your Ya Ya's Out) sounds way better. So I'm not going to post it on my blog. But if you want to post it on yours, I can send it to you.

      By the way, you can find the live stuff at Soulseek by searching for "1969 abkco copyright."

  9. Sounds really good, thanks!!!!!