Friday, 27 March 2020

Ryan Adams - Orion (2010)

I can't say that I'm a massive fan of Ryan Adams, but I am partial to a sci-fi metal concept album (!), and so when I saw this I just had to try it. 'Orion' is the 11th studio album by singer-songwriter Adams, and was recorded in 2006, while he was working on 'Easy Tiger' with producer Jamie Candiloro. It was released on May 18 2010 on his own record label PAX AM, and was described as Adams' first fully-realized sci-fi metal concept album. The original pressing was released in a limited vinyl run, and could only be purchased from the PAX AM online store, and while there are no plans for a wider CD release, as of November 2010, Adams' site was offering a standard edition vinyl that would also include the download card of the entire album, but as the site has now closed that is no longer available. Those who purchased the album in its limited run also received a bonus 7" single with two exclusive tracks, now added to the album after Zigzag Wanderer sent me the files.  
Adam's own comments about the album are: Anyone who loved this record, seriously, please seek out 'Angel Rat' and 'Nothingface' by Voivod. The entire record was my way of saying "thank you" to Denis D'Amour for many years of inspiring me after I learned of his untimely death from colon cancer. He was a wonderful guitarist and for all accounts and amazing gifted man. In fact I dedicated the album '29' to him also but it was, of course, not in the style of his wonderful music. Although, I have used his "backwards barred chords" idea in nearly every one of my Cardinals songs since.
I've been putting off posting this album for a while now, following the recent accusations against Adams of sexual misconduct, but I know there are still fans of his out there who would want to hear this, so here it is.  

Track listing

01 Signal Fade 
02 Imminent Galactic War 
03 Disappyramid 13
04 Fire Away 
05 Defenders Of The Galaxy 
06 Fire And Ice 
07 By Force 
08 Ghorgon, Master Of War 
09 Ariel 
10 Electro Snake 
11 Victims Of The Ice Brigade 
12 2,000 Ships 
13 End Of Days
14 Valhalla
15 Crossing Foggy Mountains

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  1. Thanx for sharing! I miss Ryan and hope he can return from exile soon

  2. Thanks for the shout-out :) Cheers!