Friday, 13 March 2020

The Dream Syndicate - Outside The Dream Syndicate (1982)

I've already professed my love for The Dream Syndicate on this site, and 'Days Of Wine And Roses' is a classic album on anybody's terms. Over the years it's been repackaged and re-released, and we've often been treated to rare bonus tracks by the band. The 2001 re-issue added in four songs from their eponymous 1982 EP, plus rehearsal takes of two of the album tracks, but the 2015 Omnivore re-issue was the one to get, as it added in six rehearsal recordings of songs which never appeared on the album, and many of them didn't turn up on later records either. The music is a bit rough and ready, as would be expected from rehearsals, but the power of the band still shines through, so what we have is basically a live album by a band playing just for the sheer fun of it. To flesh the album out to 42 minutes I've added in two tracks from Fifteen Minutes, which was a band formed by Steve Wynn and members of Alternate Learning in 1981, and who released just the one single in that year. The A-side was a song which just a year later would grace the 'Days Of Wine And Roses' album, but the b-side is well worth a listen, so those two songs round off this collection of Dream Syndicate rarities. 

Track listing

01 Is It Rolling, Bob?  
02 A Reason  
03 Still Holding On To You  
04 Armed With An Empty Gun  
05 Like Mary  
06 Outside The Dream Syndicate  
07 That's What You Always Say (single by Fifteen Minutes 1981)
08 Last Chance For You (b-side of 'That's What You Always Say')

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